High Court Commercial and Corporate Proceedings 

AHL Legal specialises in the following two areas of commercial and corporate proceedings: 

Company-company/Company-director Disputes

AHL Legal has a wealth of experience representing Chinese listed groups in Australia in holding disputes. Over the years, our company has accumulated   numerous successful cases, some of which include allowing our client to regain control of his company, and remain as board director. We have also successfully obtained compensation and repossession of a majority of shares in a Chinese-funded, Australia-listed company for a client who was involved in a management and shares dispute.

Our multitude of successes are a result of our lawyers actively participating in negotiations with company directors and shareholders, as well as their perseverance during litigation, obtaining ideal outcomes for our clients.


Cross Border Litigation 

Information asymmetry and lack of mutual understanding creates problems for clients engaging in cross border litigation between China and Australia. AHL Legal understands the intricacies regarding how Chinese and Australians conduct business. Differences in value systems and business ethics are respected and taken into account here, when we represent our clients. As a result, we have a stellar record in many areas of cross border civil litigation, such as cross border debt recovery, trading disputes and contractual disputes.


High Court Equity Proceedings


Commercial Fraud

Accompanying the influx of China capital investments made in Australia in recent years are business swindlers who exploited Chinese investors’trust and their lack of knowledge regarding the Australian investment scene. Among the various commercial fraud case successes, AHL Legal on an outstanding occasion, was able to recover AUD $9,000,000 of scammed investment funding for our client.


Injunctions and Emergency Preservation of Assets and Information in Litigation Matters

The time period between bringing an action and appearing in court is often a crucial deciding factor for the outcome of many cases. If a party successfully seeks injunctive relief from the courts for the emergency preservation of assets and/or information within this period, the security and protection of legitimate rights over his/her assets can be ensured, avoiding extensive losses. 


At AHL Legal, we provide litigation services regarding emergency assets and information preservation, including: 

1. Application and removal of injunction over assets
2. Pre-litigation application for injunction and preservation of assets
3. Freezing orders in relation to bank deposits
4. Litigation involving emergency preservation of information relating to patent, trademark, or copyright violations
5. Applications for emergency preservation of property related to medical expenses, alimony, child support and labour remuneration and other related issues


Business Investment Migration Fraud

Many of our Chinese investors participating in the 'Subclass 163 - Business Investment Migration' scheme were taken advantage of and sustained great financial losses due to their limited knowledge of Australian investment projects, a result of information asymmetry between China and Australia.

At AHL Legal, our skilled and experienced legal team strives to minimise losses sustained by these clients by assisting them in taking legal action in a timely manner. The AHL Legal team also takes preventive measures on behalf of these clients, engaging in rigorous supervision and auditing of potential projects to minimise investment risks encountered by our clients.


Property and Real Estate Fraud

AHL Legal has consistently achieved the best possible results for our clients in various property and real estate litigation matters, many involving the revocation of the sale of property. In doing so, AHL Legal is always striving to provide services of the highest quality and efficiency, and because of our legal team's dedication, we have achieved compensation for our clients, while minimizing losses incurred by our clients.

AHL Legal set a legal precedent in Australia's property and real estate industry litigating Zhang and Another v VP302 SPV and Others [2009] NSWSC 73, which has since been included in various Australian legal reference books and textbooks.


Why AHL Legal?

AHL Legal can provide you with competent, and experienced litigation lawyers who are also able to advise you directly in Chinese. Lawyers from other local firms cannot clearly communicate with Chinese clients, and even with interpreters, the significance of various evidence and/or contractual terms are often lost in translation. This is why we are the first choice for many firms to be their second legal counsel, and why we are popular with Chinese company directors as a representative when they are acting in their personal context.

Our lawyers are also able to fluently explain contracts in Chinese and give second legal opinions for those seeking them personally. Hence, communication issues regarding the language barrier can be solved for even the most complicated of cases.