Divorce and Financial Agreements

For simple divorce cases and financial agreements, AHL Legal’s prices are fixed* and affordable. AHL legal also excels in dealing with unusual cases where spouses are missing or uncooperative, and our empathetic approach will ensure that the otherwise painful process goes as smoothly as possible for our clients. Below is the example of such a case.


AHL Legal assists deserted wife in retaining property and custody

In 2009, our family lawyers took on the case of client X, whose husband had deserted her and their two daughters, leaving her with very little income and a high-interest property mortgage. As the property was a joint purchase, she could not transfer the property to a lower interest bank without her husband’s signature. AHL Legal went through every single relevant detail, and successfully argued her case in the courts. As a result, our firm helped her obtain full ownership of the property and custody of her children. 



Divorce Between Nationals of Different Countries

If a Chinese-Australian couple separates, lawyers will be needed in both countries to witness the divorce. AHL Legal understands that this requirement could bring about a large amount of unwanted hassle and stress. However, our network of offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Australia allows us to help you conveniently complete the witnessing procedures, making things easier for you in an otherwise difficult time.

Asset Protection


Often in a divorce, there will be disputes over the division of assets. AHL Legal helps clients obtain caveats to prevent the selling of disputed property, in order to protect their rights during the process of a divorce. The same can be done to protect the parents of a divorcing couple, in cases where they have made a contribution to any of the properties owned by the couple. Doing a loan agreement will ensure that if there is a divorce, the debt will be repaid to the parents before assets are divided between the couple.

Should you reside in China but have property disputes in Australia, caveats and loan agreements can be requested through our Shanghai and Beijing offices, doing away with the need for you to come to Australia to settle the dispute.

Property Settlement in International Divorces

A problem that often surfaces in Chinese-Australian divorces is the difficulty in executing asset division judgements from the other country. AHL Legal has ample experience in this area and understands the differences between the Chinese and Australian law, enabling us to help you facilitate the division of assets in both jurisdictions.


Child Custody

Airport Watch List


Often during divorces between couples of different nationalities, one parent will attempt to leave Australia with the child/ren in order to prevent the other from obtaining custody. AHL Legal can assist parents wishing to prevent their spouse from taking their children out of Australia in obtaining a court order to place the child/ren on the Airport Watch List.




Prospective Marriage Visa

For upcoming Chinese-Australian marriages, AHL Legal will work with our offices in China to assist your fiancé/fiancée in obtaining a prospective marriage visa, so both of you will be able to move to Australia and settle in together.

Spouse Visa

We have a 100% success rate in previous cases involving spouse visas. In cases where the visa application is refused or the relationship breaks down before permanent residency is granted, we can still assist you in your appeal. Even in cases where there is scant available evidence of the marriage, AHL Legal can still assist you in retaining your spouse visa and remaining in Australia.



* Conditions apply, please contact us for further details.