Areas of Criminal Law


We give advice in criminal law on the following offences:

·    Homicide
·    Sexual Offences
·    Drug offences
·    Money laundering/Illegal proceeds
·    Common criminal offences
·    Domestic violence
·    Assault
·    Larceny/Robbery

● Case Example

One example of the numerous high-profile cases we have managed is the Lin's family murder case.

Lin's family murder case:

After the callous bludgeoning of five family members happened, AHL Legal became the legal representative of the Lin's family, and hosted, as well as fully funded a grand and respectable funeral for the deceased. Our solicitor Daniel Sheen also became temporary guardian to the daughter who survived.

Serious Criminal Law Panel 

Many of our criminal lawyers are members of the Serious Criminal Law Panel at Legal Aid Australia. Panel membership is a testament to the amount of experience, recognition and respect our lawyers have amongst the legal community.


Money laundering

Overseas students, visitors and those on working holiday visas in Australia are particularly vulnerable to unknowingly laundering money, as criminal organisations often target and take advantage of them. They are frequently asked to open accounts and transfer money for reward. Physical transfer of funds by way of delivery can also amount to money laundering. Cross border money transfers or currency exchanges tend to ensnare otherwise innocent and unsuspecting people. 

Money laundering can be a serious charge and is often tried at higher courts, sometimes resulting in many years of imprisonment, something that many clients fail to realise. Hence it is of utmost importance that clients choose competent and experienced lawyers for their defence. We will use our ample experience in this area to aid you throughout the process.


Missing persons

In cases where the parents of overseas students cannot contact their children, AHL Legal can help them re-establish contact. If you suspect your relations have been arrested by the authorities, AHL Legal will also help you locate them and if requested, provide them with legal services. For those who are found in detention by the Australian Border Force, AHL Legal can assist the detainee in applying for a temporary visa.