Business Investment Migration


In recent years following the rapid growth of the Chinese economy, many Chinese nationals are opting to conduct offshore investments as well as migrate overseas. Australia is, and has been for a long time, one of the top choices among Chinese investors due to the stable economic and political environment as well as the excellent climate.

Commercial law is an established area of service provided by AHL Legal. Utilising our wealth of knowledge accumulated from years of practicing commercial law, our lawyers are able to provide our business investment migration clients with insightful and personalised advice regarding recommending and validating investment projects, achieving the best possible outcome according to our clients’ various circumstances.

With a strong belief that the protection and advancement of our client’s interests are of the highest priority, AHL Legal strives to maximise investment returns for our clients through effective negotiation from the earliest stages of investment.

In the event of conflict, our AHL Legal team is competent and equipped with the required legal knowledge, experience and skills to resolve the dispute in the shortest time possible, minimising legal expenses incurred by clients through non-litigious methods such as negotiation.

However, our AHL Legal team is equally skilled in achieving the best results for our clients through commercial litigation if the matter cannot be resolved out of court.