How to get a Chinese Police Clearance Certificate in Australia?

2021-09-24 06:21:36

If you live in China before, when you apply for an Australian visa, or some other use (teaching and government Job hunting, child adoption), they may need you to provide a Chinese Police Clearance Certificate. 

We are your notary expertise, and here to help you!

Why choose AHL Legal to get a Chinese Police Clearance?

1. You don’t need to come to China personally to apply it, everything can be done remotely. 

2. We have an office in Shanghai, China, which can provide more efficiency and convenience in your application.

3. We provide one-stop service: including translation, Chinese government notarization, Foreign Consulate Legalization. 

4. After the Chinese Police Clearance is obtained, you can courier it by DHL to your home. 

Notice*: Policy might change, so please double confirm with us in advance. (Call us to get more information: (AUS) 1300 91 66 77; (CHN) 4006 28 28 11.)