How to notarize a document in China?

2021-08-17 06:27:43

Do you have Chinese documents need to be recognized by the Australian government? Are you struggling with how to notarize a document in China? 

Getting a document notarized in China may seem like a complicated mater … but thankfully we are here to assist you! 

Here are two options to notarize a document in China. The first option is to go to your nearest embassy or consulate. Secondly, In some cases, certain governments allow lawyers from their country to acts as a notary public in China. If you’re Australian, you are lucky because there is a list of approved lawyers (https://shanghai.china.embassy.gov.au/shai/ShanghaiAlternateNotarialProviders.html) that you can use. AHL Legal is on the top of the list! We can provide you the most professional, fast and efficient service. 

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